It was great to see all that attended The Clemson Operators Forum this year. We had a great time and enjoyed the fellowship and conversations.

Nat Wolfe

Pete Stamey

Pete McGinnis

Our People





  Nat Wolfe

Joined, (2nd time) March 1 , 2007     Owner / President
East Carolina University
- BS (Professional) Industrial Technology

E. H. Wright Co.                                                       4 years

Pinnacle Automation Inc.                                         9 years

Apex Engineering PC                                                2 years

Perigon P.O.                                                             1 year

Gaston County Dyeing Machine Co.                           2 years

Ernie Wright


May, 2007

Founded, E.H. Wright Co. President from April 1, 1977  March 1, 2007

Fiber Industries                                                        1 Year
IBM                                                                          1 year
Honeywell Inc.,                                                         7 years
Instrumentation Services Inc.       (Founder)             5 years
E. H. Wright Co.                            (Founder)           30 years

Wanda Riley

Joined, September 5, 1995       Office Manager 
Lundy Electronics                                                     9 years
EIL Instruments                                                       2 years
E. H. Wright Co.                                                     16 years

Pete McGinnis

Joined, February 27, 1995        Engineering Manager
Electrical / Instrumentation Contractor                     7 years
Hoechst Celanese Instrument Shop                          6 years
E. H. Wright Co.                                                     16 years

Pete Stamey

Joined July, 2000.                   Sales Manager 
The Appliance man                                                  5 years
Office Systems, INC.                                                 5 years
CompuCom Systems                                                5 years
Eagle Business Systems, INC                                   5 years
Network Data Systems                                            4 years 
E. H. Wright Co.                                                     11 years

  Bruce Oliver

 Joined November, 2008.        Panel Shop Manager 
 Glenn Horne Electrical                                             23 years
 Rockwell Automation                                                4 years 
 E. H. Wright Co.                                                        3 years