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BatchMaster H2O

Controlling the additive flow is only a portion of the overall scope of applying liquid additives into the extrusion process.  Consistent, repeatable mixing of materials is as critical to the product quality.  If the concentration of the additive is not consistent, the result will not be either.

EH Wright Co has teamed with Rockwell Automation to provide the most technologically sound and globally supportable control system in the industry for enhancing the extrusion process.  And the result is the BatchMaster H2O.

The Batchmaster H2O automates the addition of water into the liquid additive batching process utilizing industry proven components.  Thus, it provides a consistent additive concentration every time.

Please ask for more details on how the BatchMaster H2O can benefit your plant.


Water Batching Controller


  • Ø      Consistent Water Addition
  • Ø      Reduced Operator Intervention
  • Ø      Repeatable Batches


  • Ø      Allen-Bradley PLC Control
  • Ø      PanelView Operator Interface        
  • Ø      Keypad Set-point
  • Ø      Turbine Flow Meter or Optional Magnetic Flow Meter
  • Ø      Main & Dribble Flow Control Valves
  • Ø      User Friendly