It was great to see all that attended The Clemson Operators Forum this year. We had a great time and enjoyed the fellowship and conversations.

Nat Wolfe

Pete Stamey

Pete McGinnis

Welcome to EH Wright Co.

The past several years have seen unprecedented down-turns in the brick industry but the flame still flickers.  EH Wright Co. is dedicated to maintaining our customer base with new technology and products, enhancements to existing products and support for all. 

In 2007, Ernie decided it was time to pursue a fishing career. Mr. Nat Wolfe purchased the company from Ernie and is the acting president. Nat worked at EH Wright Co. from 1989 until 1993 as a systems design/marketing specialist and was involved with Ernie during the initial development of the PugMaster Extrusion Control System. Nat expanded his knowledge of the industrial market working in various forms of industrial engineering. In 1998 Nat officially started Pinnacle Automation, Inc. Pinnacle Automation, then as now designs, builds, installs, and supports process and motion control systems for a variety of industries. Pinnacle Automation and EH Wright Co work together to bring both customer bases the best products and services available.